“Aesthetically pleasing miniature landscape for display and contemplation.”

Especially now that it’s consistently over 20-degrees on a daily basis, the greenery of Spring is on my mind.






These are ienami Bonkei Planters in a minimalist design from Metaphys.

Bonkei can be both imaginative and calming. According to Wikipedia, “[t]he goal of the form is to provide an aesthetically pleasing miniature landscape for display and contemplation.”

Not only are they attractive, but a few next to each other starts to create a whole little planter village!



Rooftop agriculture IS a surging urban phenomenon, after all.







I love clouds.

I’m ready for Spring.

Blue skies, sunshine, and maybe a few fluffy clouds! I also like the kind of cloud that can help you make rain right where you need it most – I adore the the Rainmaker:


So much better than a watering can! Attach a cloud to an empty plastic bottle, and voila. Cute, cost-effective, and eco-conscious. Just the kind of design I love in a little cloud-package!

Rainmaker Cloud