Featured etsy shop: lukaluka

Today I’d like to give a little shout out to illustrator Luka and a favorite Etsy shop, lukaluka, which features greeting cards, illustrations, and prints that are interesting and fun.














Luka is a “Lithuanian illustrator creating positive, a little bit naive art with quirky characters inspired by everyday city life, works by modern illustrators and cartoonists, street art and nature.”



Kissing Bears























I just love her style. No elephants, sadly… but sloths and lemurs and bears, oh my!

Don’t Be a Bear

This project is charming: a designer resolved not to “be a bear” for a year:

To avoid the pitfalls of a bearish attitude and as a daily reminder to myself I created a new bear each day of 2013.

The results are pretty interesting:

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








In a “one a day” project, you can really tell a) that a person wakes up every day feeling a little bit different, and b) it really flexes your muscles to keep producing fresh ideas every single day! 365 bears is a LOT of bears. Some of them get a lil’ sassy.

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








(That June bear has the right idea…)

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








Remember, kids: Don’t Be a Bear, ok?