WARNING: Extreme Kitty Cuteness + Good Idea = AWWW.

Awww, cute kitty Maru LOVES boxes! But this post isn’t about Maru and his boxes. It’s about that fact of life when you have fuzzy friends, and their curiosity becomes SEVERE ANNOYANCE as you just try to get work done as they crawl around and chase things all over you.

If you don’t have any boxes, never fear: Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture has solved your problem with… the CATable!



I particularly like the way this project is described as I poked around The Internet to find more information. It’s a shared table, for human AND cat. Not a human table that cats can play with.



I need this.

The design principles involved largely revolve around humans feeling anguish when they have to shoo their kitties away, coupled with the irresistible temptation to a cat of that magical thing: the small opening.



Everyone might need this.




I love clouds.

I’m ready for Spring.

Blue skies, sunshine, and maybe a few fluffy clouds! I also like the kind of cloud that can help you make rain right where you need it most – I adore the the Rainmaker:


So much better than a watering can! Attach a cloud to an empty plastic bottle, and voila. Cute, cost-effective, and eco-conscious. Just the kind of design I love in a little cloud-package!

Rainmaker Cloud


design saves lives

traffic deaths

Craig Ruttle/Associated Press via NYTimes.com

Our friends at Fast Company recently wrote about NYC, where Mayor DiBlasio is aiming for zero traffic fatalities (good luck with that). Most are regulations on cars, but it’s more: they’ll also work on lanes to “clarify who belongs where on the street through better markings” and improve lighting.

Design isn’t just about looking great–good design makes good sense and can even save lives when it comes to things like crosswalks, street signs, and traffic patterns.

Lesson here: good design is a literal lifesaver.