“Aesthetically pleasing miniature landscape for display and contemplation.”

Especially now that it’s consistently over 20-degrees on a daily basis, the greenery of Spring is on my mind.






These are ienami Bonkei Planters in a minimalist design from Metaphys.

Bonkei can be both imaginative and calming. According to Wikipedia, “[t]he goal of the form is to provide an aesthetically pleasing miniature landscape for display and contemplation.”

Not only are they attractive, but a few next to each other starts to create a whole little planter village!



Rooftop agriculture IS a surging urban phenomenon, after all.







Not your grandmother’s wallpaper.


This wallpaper designed by HuxHux last year, called “Tectonic Fields,” is unusual and even deceptive:


From a distance, it seems a little metallic. But as you get closer, it’s stunningly complex! So many lines and shapes. The reflectiveness also means that the wallpaper – usually an inanimate participant in the room – interacts with its surroundings, and even you!


It might be time to think about a bathroom remodel…