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Today I’d like to give a little shout out to illustrator Luka and a favorite Etsy shop, lukaluka, which features greeting cards, illustrations, and prints that are interesting and fun.














Luka is a “Lithuanian illustrator creating positive, a little bit naive art with quirky characters inspired by everyday city life, works by modern illustrators and cartoonists, street art and nature.”



Kissing Bears























I just love her style. No elephants, sadly… but sloths and lemurs and bears, oh my!

Design, iron, fish, and condoms.

Sometimes, good design comes in handy in unexpected ways. Like ways that play with the human psyche to solve a problem.

This headline is a distillation of a great story I read recently on core77.com.

Lucky Fish
The basic idea is this: in trying to make sure villagers stave off iron-deficiency health issues, these cute little lucky fish made of iron became an unlikely problem solver. It doesn’t necessarily feel right to plop a hunk of iron into your pot when you’re making soup. In fact, that sounds really unappealing.

Know what’s cute, also made of iron, but symbolizes luck and health? These iron fish.

Lucky Fish
When hunks of iron were distributed for the same purpose, no one used them, because EW. But recognizing the importance and symbolism of the fish in this particular village culture, a tweak in the presentation made all the difference! Now, it’s more or less standard to throw your lucky fish into the pot, AND the rate of illnesses related to iron deficiency has dropped significantly.

Brilliant! But to find out what condoms have to do with it you’ll have to read the Core77 article: How Designing Something Into the Shape of an Animal Can Actually Improve Human Health, and Why You Shouldn’t Put Condoms on Broomsticks.

Don’t Be a Bear

This project is charming: a designer resolved not to “be a bear” for a year:

To avoid the pitfalls of a bearish attitude and as a daily reminder to myself I created a new bear each day of 2013.

The results are pretty interesting:

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








In a “one a day” project, you can really tell a) that a person wakes up every day feeling a little bit different, and b) it really flexes your muscles to keep producing fresh ideas every single day! 365 bears is a LOT of bears. Some of them get a lil’ sassy.

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








(That June bear has the right idea…)

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








Remember, kids: Don’t Be a Bear, ok?