Not your grandmother’s wallpaper.


This wallpaper designed by HuxHux last year, called “Tectonic Fields,” is unusual and even deceptive:


From a distance, it seems a little metallic. But as you get closer, it’s stunningly complex! So many lines and shapes. The reflectiveness also means that the wallpaper – usually an inanimate participant in the room – interacts with its surroundings, and even you!


It might be time to think about a bathroom remodel…


I love clouds.

I’m ready for Spring.

Blue skies, sunshine, and maybe a few fluffy clouds! I also like the kind of cloud that can help you make rain right where you need it most – I adore the the Rainmaker:


So much better than a watering can! Attach a cloud to an empty plastic bottle, and voila. Cute, cost-effective, and eco-conscious. Just the kind of design I love in a little cloud-package!

Rainmaker Cloud


Your ideas are ugly babies. You are their champion.


save the ugly baby

[Illustrations by Danilo Agutoli]

This week, Pixar President told us he thinks you make ugly babies – and that’s a good thing! He was talking about the creative process, of course, and not your actual children:

“Think of how a movie starts out. It’s a baby. It’s like the fetus of a movie star; we all start out ugly. Every one of Pixar’s stories starts out that way. A new thing is hard to define; it’s not attractive, and it requires protection.”

Your job as a creator is to protect that ugly baby fiercely… at least until it can grow up into a fantastic, beautiful idea (or an adorable, lovable monster). Happy parenting!