Color of the Year

Sephora and Pantone Universe have declared the color of the year for 2014:
Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid. From the Pantone Universe press release:

Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.

radiant orchiv





Of course, Sephora has released a whole series honoring the color, as the annual collaboration continues.

Sephora Pantone






Especially with the Spring rolling in, I suppose we’ll be seeing extra radiant orchid in 2014, and since that means great joy, love, and health, that’s fine by me!

Pantone chip







Don’t Be a Bear

This project is charming: a designer resolved not to “be a bear” for a year:

To avoid the pitfalls of a bearish attitude and as a daily reminder to myself I created a new bear each day of 2013.

The results are pretty interesting:

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








In a “one a day” project, you can really tell a) that a person wakes up every day feeling a little bit different, and b) it really flexes your muscles to keep producing fresh ideas every single day! 365 bears is a LOT of bears. Some of them get a lil’ sassy.

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








(That June bear has the right idea…)

Don't Be a Bear







Don't Be a Bear








Remember, kids: Don’t Be a Bear, ok?

Booze & Tattoos

A tattoo parlor in Paris, le sphinx, helped J&B create a very limited edition of specially designed bottles. Tattooed bottles, to be exact.

JB Bottles






JB Bottle






They are created by applying a skin-like latex material over the bottles, allowing the artist to tattoo just as they would an arm (or other bit you’re getting inked!).

button button, the art designers of the project, even created a video showing the tattooing process. Enjoy some tattooed booze!



video courtesy of button button, [via]

Game of Firms

With the epic season premier Sunday night, it seems appropriate to check out this project from Mordi Levi, who decided to use the family houses in Game of Thrones to create logos.

House of Stark





















The inspiration:

“…how much resemblance there is between the coat of arms to a logo, family words to a slogan and the vicious race for the iron throne to the race of big firms for the stock market.”

That, and boredom/impatience for this season to begin, which is understandable. The full series can be found here. Think they do the families justice?

House of Tyrell






















Not your grandmother’s wallpaper.


This wallpaper designed by HuxHux last year, called “Tectonic Fields,” is unusual and even deceptive:


From a distance, it seems a little metallic. But as you get closer, it’s stunningly complex! So many lines and shapes. The reflectiveness also means that the wallpaper – usually an inanimate participant in the room – interacts with its surroundings, and even you!


It might be time to think about a bathroom remodel…