Who’s Right?

Its not that the client isn’t always right… its that as a graphic designer, and marketer, I am trained and experienced in helping you to solve your graphic design problems. That said – you know your business, needs and tastes better than anyone… so the best experience comes when the designer and client work together in harmony.   [via]


Milk Confessions

Some cute & creative packaging design for milk… There’s nothing purer than a child and German company Milla knows it. That’s why they built their brand upon this truth. This packaging shows childhood confessions and makes us go back in time. Milla brings back the pureness by encouraging people to go to millaconfessions.com and share their innocent memories. [via]

05_18_11_milla_2 05_18_11_milla_3

Do your thing.

If you’re going to be good at something, anything, you have to do it as often as possible. Designing, running, yoga, meditation, cooking, dancing… the more often you do it, the better you will get, the more nature it will become. So design, or do YOUR thing, every day. [via]